Friday, September 01, 2006

Hello Durian: The Not-So-Delicious Smell of Armpit Corpse Farts

After lunch at Mandarin House, my coworkers and I stopped off at MT Supermarket to peruse the snack ailse for some Friday afternoon goodies. I picked up some Durian-flavored wafers to spring on my fellow employees, a "favor" I had been promising for some time. A couple of people tried them, but everyone else turned up--or rather, turned away--their noses. Hours later, the guys who tasted the treats are complaining of belching them up. I say the're just enjoying them a second time.

We left them in the breakroom/kitchenette area, package open so everyone could enjoy the aroma. Then someone got the wise idea of stowing some of the wafers in *****'s office, strategically place under the piles of paper and press proofs littering the room. Later, the culprit figured a Nestea Plunge of sorts was in order, and moved the whole package into *****'s office, placing them under his desk and behind a computer where they will be nice and warm over the three-day weekend.

Oh yeah, and then somehow the door got closed.

Below is a photo of this culinary landmine laying in wait for its victim to arrive on a sure-to-be-hungover-from-a-long-weekend Tuesday.


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