Saturday, June 30, 2007

Say "I'll Wait" to iPhone

No, I didn't get an iPhone. I just figured I'd jump on the bandwagon and do an iPhone post.

Actually, I'm as enamoured with the iPhone as anyone else. It's just that I've made it rule of thumb to wait out major tech releases as I don't have wads of cash to throw unto the feet of Stevie Jobs and his empire which I have been actively defending since, oh, about 1987 or so.

Shit, for that alone I feel that I should get one for free. Chew on that for a moment: Apple gave each of its Apple Store employees (does this deal extend to ALL Apple employees?) who've been in their positions for over a year a free iPhone, and the 8Gb version at that. Narrow that down a bit: Apple gave free iPhones to people they pay anyway. Maybe they should giving something to those of us who have been paying them for, um, about twenty years!

Anyway, it was just a fleeting thought. Which makes me think of Fleet enemas. Oh, and takes you to Bank of America. No shit (no pun intended).

So yeah, the iPhone... Xeni Jardin's iPhone release day post at Boing Boing pretty much is the perfect pro and con statement for/against the iPhone, though more for than against. The iPhone aside, there is one glimmering line of prose that seems prophetic while scaring the shit out of me at the same time; When addressing the iPhone touch interface, she belches forth this nugget:

"I wish I could do this on every electronic device I own. I wish Apple would release a tablet with this on it."

It's that last part that sticks. Are we going to see a 30" iMac sans keyboard that you would pull to the edge of your desk and actually type on the screen, "pinch" images in Photoshop to resize them and "fingerpaint" in Illustrator to draw B├ęzier curves? The thought is terrifying. To my wallet, I mean.

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