Friday, April 13, 2007

Cool Old Sluggo-Oriented Shit Found on the Web

I was screwing around online at work today, as I am wont to do as huge Photoshop butt-wiping operations files are bringing my workstation to a crawl, and I found this image of the Cream Castle's sign in my hometown of Sikeston, Missouri. The interesting (or maybe kinda frustrating) thing about it is that the guy over and Coffee and Pie doesn't even mention the Cream Castle. Instead, the story waxes nostalgic about Paul Eakins (pronounced AY-kins, as my dad recently corrected my wayward pronounciation of EE-kins) and his Gay 90s Museum of orchestrions & calliopes, yet doesn't offer a link to the Eakins website or a photo... Oh, and the Cream Castle photo is on the Springfield, MO page, while the Sikeston text is mixed up with photos of a crumbling Cairo, Illinois. Hrmph.

Anyway, the Cream Castle is a throwback to the car hop hamburger and fries era. Though it has seen it glory days pass, it was still in operation the last time I passed through Sikeston, and hopefully will continue to do so.

As for the Paul Eakins' Gay 90s Museum, here is a link to the website that sells recordings of the music machines that were the source of his passion.


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