Monday, November 28, 2005

Strange Reaction Makes the Internet Worthwhile Again

I love Scott's Strange Reaction site for a very simple reason: He digs up some old crappy records that nobody's heard in years (and never made it to CD release), rips 'em to MP3 and posts them for my enjoyment.

Case in point: East LA's Stains' LP on SST Records, recorded in 1981. My old cassette recording of this classic hardcore album has been in a constant state of slow death for many years, and I've been wondering if it ever made it to CD. Apparently not, as SST supposedly never paid them royalties, which declined into a rift between band and label. So you can surmise that I was taken aback when I stumbled across Strange Reaction recently and found the whole record posted there as if Scott saw me coming. And if that weren't enough of a eureka find, members of the band have found the site and have been communicating through the forum!


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