Saturday, July 30, 2005

37 weeks

37 weeks
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Almost there! Yesterday, our obstetrician told us that Sharon could go into labor in as early as seven to ten days... I'm not holding my breath, but then again, I'm busting ass to get some things done in preparation.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

"no, we don't do that"

"Hey, what the hell is that?"

"I dunno..."

"Did you put your ladder up here and cave in my gutter?"

Workers mutter to each other in Spanish "No.. we don' do that."

"Bullshit, you think I don't know my own shit? That wasn't like that yesterday."

"Ok..." Shrugs shoulders again...

"Call your boss and get him here now."

"He don' tell me to do that."


"Okay..." Calls boss on cell phone...

"bossman don't tell me nothin"

"You know we're supposed to do a ridge vent, right?"


"So why did you felt right over the turbine vent holes?"

"Cos we got to cut out for new vent." Making circular motion with hand...

"Did your bossman tell you to do a ridge vent?"


"Did bossman tell you anything?"

Shrugging, "No..."

"You guys don't do anything until your boss gets here. I want him to see this."


We wait for bossman to come...