Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I Hates a Possum

Iggy ran this dirty, smelly overrated rat up on the fence last night... After a standoff between dog and possum that lasted about eight minutes, I grabbed the bird feeder, which hangs from the tree on a twenty-foot chain, and swung it at the possum, knocking his ugly ass to the ground. Outside the fence.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

News Flash!

I couldn't help blogging this from RichPav's photostream at Flickr...

Monday, November 28, 2005

That's My Little Girl!

Kei was only about three months old when Sharon took this photo, but there's proof positive that she's mine: She's already learning how to shoot the bird.

Strange Reaction Makes the Internet Worthwhile Again

I love Scott's Strange Reaction site for a very simple reason: He digs up some old crappy records that nobody's heard in years (and never made it to CD release), rips 'em to MP3 and posts them for my enjoyment.

Case in point: East LA's Stains' LP on SST Records, recorded in 1981. My old cassette recording of this classic hardcore album has been in a constant state of slow death for many years, and I've been wondering if it ever made it to CD. Apparently not, as SST supposedly never paid them royalties, which declined into a rift between band and label. So you can surmise that I was taken aback when I stumbled across Strange Reaction recently and found the whole record posted there as if Scott saw me coming. And if that weren't enough of a eureka find, members of the band have found the site and have been communicating through the forum!

Christmas Card Hell

Since I had to design it, get it ok'd, wrangle it, etc., I've also been stuck with the responsibility of getting all my beloved (...) coworkers to sign it as well... Then I have to scan the signatures, get it ready for print, etc... Though it will make me sick to my stomach, I'm gonna make each name alternating red and green. I'm getting nauseous just thinkning about it..

Oh, Evil Santa (above) isn't on the card, though I wish he were. He was lifted from some piece of shit blog that tried to install a trojan horse... On my Mac! Buahahahaha...

The Nastiest Squat Toilet in Ueno!

Photo by Sluggo, 11/22/04

For those of you hitting this page from the front page of Blogger Team, here's a little treat from me to you: The Nastiest Squat Toilet In Ueno! Eat up!

Note: I moved everything from BloggerTeam over to Blogger 'cos BT's RSS doesn't work, plus you can't blog to BT from Flickr... And I'm a self-professed Flickr junkie... Fix me!

Trying to Blog With Nothing to Say

I've fought it for, oh, at least a couple of years... Ya gotta have a BLOG, man... But if you have nothing to say, then why have a blog? Because there seems to be a need, at least in my mind, to have it. Just in case. Just in case I become a great intellectual, or suddenly come to have a unique opinion on the world, some view that sums it all up.

I thought about it today. The only thing I can come up with is that maybe I should have some kind of an outlet that allows me to say whatever I want... Whatever I'm feeling, regardless of who it concerns or who it may upset. Not that I would intentionally say or do something to upset someone, but... Somehow, I should be able to make sense of how I feel about any situation. Therapy, though I continue going, doesn't seem to be it. I need to get in touch with myself, and know that how I am feeling about anything is valid, regardless of what anyone else has to say about it.

Should I allow this to be online for anyone to read? Should this be done anonymously? Obviously, making this text available to anyone confirms that there is an attention-whore aspect to this... But that's not totally what it is about.

But does it have to be so introspective and serious? No... I suppose it's just how I am feeling at this moment.

I've had a shitty day, I'll admit it... So let's just let this hang for now...