Sunday, July 23, 2006

Japanese TV: More to Love

So, yeah, no posts for damn near a month. Consistency: That's what keeps my vast readership growing.

Anyway, I absolutely love Japanese television. It's probably what kicked off my admiration (obsession?) with Japanese culture, and I keep going back for more. I need an easier way to get my fix, though... Downloading terabytes of stuff from Usenet is time-consuming, though it has been made alot easier to deal with different file formats and whatnot with a growing number of software tools to manhandle and convert offerings to ultimately get them burned to VCD or DVD and viewable on an actual television. It's still a big pain in the ass, though. Streaming video via the web is cool, but the quality sucks and it's still not on my TV... I plan to buy a iPod video soon, so that may make it easier to transfer stuff to my living room for couch-potato-not-desk-slave consumption. We'll see.

I could shell out the bucks and get TV Japan via satellite, but that's NHK-only, and I don't think I'd get to see really cool stuff like Trivia No Izumi. I mean, Mythbusters is great, but Trivia No Izumi is the shit.