Thursday, December 01, 2005

Podcasts, the iPod and the Process of De-Ludditization

Oooh... A plywood iPod...

This week, I've been walking to and from work, just to see if I can get into the routine of keeping up with daily excercise (which is another post unto itself...). To occupy myself during the 35 or so minutes it takes each way (it's exactly two miles from home to work), I dug out my Rio Cali 128 and fed it a few Japan-related podcasts, namely Guzen Radio, Herro Flom Japan and Tokyo Calling. Now I find myself wanting an iPod, which is odd for me, because I had no previous interest in owning one... I figured the Rio player was enough, but I'm finding that the expanded storage of an iPod would be... attractive. The video capabilities would be nice, too, though I doubt I'd be watching much video while walking down the treacherous stretch of Kramer Lane that I have to navigate!

I've added the iPod to my Christmas wish list but I don't think anyone will be buying me one. We'll see what happens.


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