Saturday, December 10, 2005

Filthy TV Repository and Fat Bush Supporters maintains what could be either a guide of what to avoid for anal-retentive reactionary parents hoping to shelter their children from the evils of human nature funneled through Hollywood's degenerate view of America (or what America should be or is becoming has become), or a helpful list of what's really fucked-up and fun to watch for lowest-common denominator couch slugs who suck up what is plopped on their mental multi-compartmentalized plastic cafeteria tray by hair-netted and mustachioed television executives—the latter group of which are probably overtaking the first in percentage of overall market share. Big breath... Pick your poison.

The flag-waving slob above is most likely a member of said latter group as well, judging by his acceptance of pre-packaged and trucked-in-by-Halliburton-for-your-pleasure politics. Homey probably had biggie-sized freedom fries for lunch. I love the way his little ham fist grips that Wal-Mart impulse-buy flag, too. The photo is from Ava Rice's Law Sloth, where self-portraits of Bush-fodder are assembled with commentary that had me giggling with deelite. I especially love the comment on this freedom-loving tubby's photo:

"Fat slob waving a little flag in an attic apartment = pure comedy. Bonus: Are those Christmas lights, a blacklight poster of a dragon, and Kleenex and lube in the background?"

I didn't notice until after making this post that Ava's page pretty much stopped posting at the end of last year, but it's still way entertaining.


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