Saturday, December 03, 2005

Jonesin' for Ink

Just the other day I was wondering to myself, "Self, I wonder when there's going to be another tattoo convention in Austin?" Well, it looks like the Star of Texas Tattoo Art Revival is happening again, January 12 through 15. I'm hoping to get down there this time around and see some art... Maybe even get some art, who knows?

It's been about six and a half years since I was tattooed last, when I got my honeymoon peach from Tanja Nixx at Lyle Tuttle's in San Francisco. I need to get off my keister and see about getting my "Kei's Feets" tattoo... I've been wanting to get tattooed again for years, but having a legitimate excuse now just makes me more anxious to have it done. Just haven't figured out where to get it and what the composition should be. The joke idea for some time has been to get it on my butt since she has most definitely kicked my ass, in a life-changing, neck-snapping fashion.


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